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Apr 18th 2019
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Paan Singh Tomar

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Sample imagePaan Singh Tomar is a new film tracing the life of a forgotten Indian sports champion who became a bandit.



A seven time national steeplechase champion, and an armyman, becomes a rebel and loses his life in a police encounter in 1981. That is the fascinating and tragic story of Pan Singh Tomar who ruled the long distance field of India during the 1950s. What comes as a surprise though is the time it took for a film to be made on this forgotten track and field champion.

Tigmanshu Dhulia's Pan Singh Tomar is a tribute to this forgotten hero turned bandit.

The story itself is so interesting that half the job is done for any filmmaker. It traces the life of a soft spoken village guy whose life turns upside down when a family land dispute turns messy.

The movie performs in all departments. Be it the realistic portrayal of the rural areas by the director, the engaging background score by Sandeep Chowta, or the cinematography by Aseem Mishra which captures the ravines of chambal as beautifully as the steeplechases. The dialogues complement the characters well and there is a consistency in the language used throughout.

The 135 minutes movie duration ensures that unnecessary item numbers or song sequence finds no space in the movie.

Every character plays his part well. From the supporting cast, Vipin Sharma as Major Masand and Rajendra Gupta as the sports coach stands out.

After Haasil this is Dhulia's best effort. His masterstroke was choosing Irrfan Khan to play the lead role. If you look at the picture of the original Pan Singh, you won't miss the look in his eyes. Irrfan matches this intensity and in what resounding way! The actor brings alive a young lad from a village in Madhya Pradesh. You can feel his hunger for food which gradually turns into a hunger for accepting challenges, his passion for the homeland, his frustrations with the justice system, and his conviction in choosing a path which engulfed him eventually. An understated yet first-rate performace which could have very well been played to the gallery, if not for Irrfan.

This is one Khan who has created his own league of not-so-loud memorable characters. Watch the movie just for him, everything else would come as a bonus.


---Inam Abidi Amrohvi, Editor, The Other News



0 #7 manish kumar 2014-09-20 07:43
its a good man
0 #6 Alexander Francis 2013-03-08 00:45
A sad ending of a great soldier and sports man on the altar of fight against land Mafia.Movie is a tribute and an eye opener to the nation. Defense has limitations to respond. Investigative Journalism or Military Historians or Sports Authority of India should investigate it thoroughly and bring out the real biographyical facts for corrective actions to ensure no such sportsman from the Army or Police or civil life will have such an ending.Nation needs Great Athletes and Soldiers.
0 #5 Sanjay Mitra 2012-10-24 02:49
Very touching movie. The story dipicts the current plight of our sportsman. Country like China are putting all acts together to earn laurel to their country in Olympics - look here how we treated our sporting hero - UTH JA BHARAT UTH JA.
+1 #4 pradeep 2012-08-20 10:23
A well made movie & worth watching. Finally, I was forced to think that why some one bring pride to the country when the country can not save his pride as a normal human being. we need to think one this.
+2 #3 Ashish 2012-08-15 18:33
Rightly said, khan has played the character of tomar such that it gives this hero of our soil its rightly deserved place.The movie has successfully depicted characters of the land unparalleled in the history of indian cinema.I being a local of MP, familiar with the originality, language and people of the Bhind, Murena and Gwalior districts of MP, was truly impressed by the work.Tomar was killed, when I was 1 year old, I grew up never knowing my neighboring district had produced such a sports legend as Tomar , who turned into a baagi because of the social injustice.Thoug h I regularly use to see thakurs and rajputs carrying rifles throughout my childhood which I thought were more ornamental than really needed ,other than occasional air firing in marriages, I now realize they had reasons to do so in this part of the country.
I hope we all will rise and make our protectors (police and administration ) more responsible so that another paan singh tomar should not become a baagi
0 #2 Praveen 2012-08-09 05:47
i liked ur review very much sir.
there are many more paan singh tomars in our GREAT INDIA i'm feeling so ashamed to say great india. People who want to do something for the country has no money. people who have money doesnt want to spend it for good.
God knws wen our india will be a developed country & politicians are no more corrupted...
+4 #1 Rahul Mishra 2012-07-15 10:39
why did this happen in our country? Aisa kyun hota hai is Bharat me, we loss great paan singh, if he had lived he should had broken some more records.....I'l l not blame anybody, this happened bcoz of this corrupted system, jaha pe log apna kam nikalne ke liye aur apni jhooti saan dikhane ke liye dussro ko paresaan karte hai......ek phouji, jo apni puri jindgi apni jaan apne des ko samerpit karta hai,aur retirement ke bad chahta hai ki use wahi izzat dusro se mile, lekin ye swarthi duniya use jine nahi deti......agar mai us wakt paan singh ki jagah hota to wohi karta jo paan singh ne kiya tha......

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