No more climbing stairs for the mobility challenged

Tuesday, 17 June 2014 10:07 administrator

Indigo stair liftIndigo introduces stair lifts.


New Delhi. Indian airline major, IndiGo, has introduced stair lifts for passengers suffering from reduced mobility at the Indian airports that do not have ramp facility. The airlines enjoys the solitary status of being the only airlines in the world having the facility of a boarding ramp for all its flights. Wheelchairs use the ramp to get right inside the aircraft without hassles. This would benefit the elderly, sick and the injured air passengers.

The technology and equipment for this noble endeavor was supplied by Vin Grace, an Indian company specialising in equipment for people with special needs.

Lately the Airline has been rethinking on its existing airline facilities, operations and procedures regarding non-ambulatory travellers. The maximum allowed number of passengers having severe reduced mobility per flight is limited to four. This is in keeping with international norms which require that the number of individuals with reduced mobility should not be more than the personnel trained to assist with evacuation.