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Nov 30th 2021
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Bring books closer to your children

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In order to make a child’s intellect develop effectively it is important to make them familiar with books and their reading practices.


New Delhi. All literature of the world is principally born with a human tendency to tell a story, a situation and history for that matter and also to tell a story of oneself, a story about the happenings around and the story of mere existence in this big world. All these tales together with those addressed to children are written to help one grow, develop and understand things in a better and efficient demeanor. Talking in relation to children and their books, we are well aware of the fact that their mind is always searching for something interesting. They’ll be interested in things which appeal to their brains. In this age of computer games, social networking, and virtual world, it is important that a child should imbibe the habit of reading as early as possible. Reading enhances the imaginative powers of the child. However the question is how to make the child read and in what manner.

Persuading the child to read books: How in the world can anyone convince kids to choose reading – just plain old book reading?

Familiarize them with the book: A child can consider a book as a friend or a foe. Generally parents thrust the books on their child by telling them that they should read a book. But book reading should not be a compulsion. If a toddler is given a book everyday just like that then he consider that book like any other toy. He tries to glance through it trying to understand the meaning. He or she should be left alone with that toy. Now the book is his friend. As they grow we should start having a designated time to read out a story to them. As parents are getting busier the child appreciates this exercise and consider it as a time spend with the parents. So they attach a positive memory with book reading. So they know if they want some time with their parent, they would ask them to read the book. Now book has become their best friend. Like a famous quote by Winston S. Churchill “If you cannot read them, any rate...fondle them. Peer into them...let them fall open where they will,...Set them back on the shelf with your own hands...If they cannot be your friends, let them at any rate be your acquaintances.”

Understanding the child’s interest: In the world of social networking children do what they like. We should try and find what interests the child and find the books related to that. It is easier for children to read materials that interest them. As a matter of fact, if a child doesn’t like animals, it is almost impossible to get him to make any sense of the article he is reading. So the best way to start him on his literary journey is to find his area of interest, and once he develops his interest of reading, he’ll become more interested in different areas. By then, he would have acquired a reading skill that will help him understand what he is reading.

Setting an example: If the child grows up in the house full of books there are more chances of being a book lover. Therefore the parents will have to set the example. They should be reading everyday so as make the child follow them.

Make it a fun and  never ending experience: Books have the power to transport you to a magical world or hard-hitting reality with plain black and white words. It has been proved time and again that children who read books have more fertile mind and thus perform better than their counterparts.

Some pointers-

  • Treat the world of book reading a fun time.
  • Select right book for your child. You can select a series of books of their favorite characters. Read fun books, exciting books and adventurous books to your children.
  • Involve the family to play the characters of the story. This will make them understand well.
  • Atmosphere can play a big role in developing a child’s interest in reading. You can set the place as per the story so that the child relates more.
  • One should not let the child read in his mind. This makes their diction and pronunciation poor. Reading aloud is always recommended to kids as it makes them speak fluently.

As they say “Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.” Books are and always remain man’s best friend. The way they are read can change but their importance will never diminish.


---Mudit Mohini is the Director of Vishv Books Publishing house


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