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Nov 30th 2021
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Home Lifestyle Miscellaneous A campaign to end cosmetics testing on animals

A campaign to end cosmetics testing on animals

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Lush Cosmetics and Humane Society International launch global campaign to end cosmetics testing on animals.


Delhi. Humane Society International, an animal protection organisation, and Lush Cosmetics have launched the largest-ever global campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics. The campaign, launched to coincide with World Week for Animals in Laboratories, is being rolled out simultaneously in 48 countries and more than 700 Lush stores in India, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Russia, Canada, and the United States. HSI also operates a scientific outreach program in other countries, where the testing of cosmetics on animals is still required by law.

N.G. Jayasimha, India campaign manager for Humane Society International, said: “Thousands of animals such as rabbits and mice endure painful tests produce new lipsticks and shampoos. Animal testing is the ugly secret of the beauty industry, and it’s time for it to stop. ”

Such testing is already banned in Europe and a further ban on the sale of cosmetics been newly tested on animals in other parts of the world is expected to come into effect in March 2013. Indian law does not expressly require animal testing for cosmetics whose raw ingredients are generally recognised as safe according to national standards. Yet some companies continue to produce or use new cosmetic ingredients and test these on animals.

HSI offices around the world are joining with Lush to end cosmetics cruelty with nationwide consumer campaigns in each region. HSI will also work with politicians, regulators and scientists to press for change. Consumers are being urged to sign a national petition in Lush stores and online here or just by giving a missed call on 080 30050050. Citizens will be able to support both an international ban, and at the same time send a strong message to the Indian government that animal testing for cosmetics needs to be banned by law.

Lush and Humane Society International believe that testing on animals to produce new cosmetic products or ingredients is unjustified. Animals are subjected to considerable pain and distress during toxicity tests Animal toxicity tests are also scientifically unreliable for assuring human safety because animals and humans can respond very differently to the same chemicals.


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