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Dec 02nd 2021
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Celebrating the nationalist spirit of India

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India celebrates its 64th Republic Day.


It was 26th January, 1950, when the words 'sovereign' and 'democratic republic' became the guiding principles of a free India. It was the vision of our freedom fighters that the words 'socialist' and 'secular' found their way in defining India further.

Every 26th January reminds us what India really stands for. Our democracy has strengthen over the years because of our faith in the system. As we celebrate another Republic Day, it's important to remember the founding principles of our constitution and to safeguard it against forces that threaten its core.

Some voices from the business world on 26th January follow-

"Republic Day symbolises a nationalist spirit, freedom of all kind, progress, potential of the nation and the might of people."

"While corruption and degeneration of values is a phenomenon that today is worldwide, Indians should be determined to constantly challenge all wrong, stretch their potential and be fair to all issues. So while some individuals or leaders are corrupt on account of swindling money, we need to think about how we’ve been corrupt by not standing up to the fairness principle on many issues, big and small. Take up issues such as gender equality, tolerance to religions, opportunism that we display in petty matters and dealings, stereotypes and discriminatory mindset towards fellow citizens based on plethora of criteria like caste, sub-caste, linguistic abilities, rural-urban legacy, etc; haven’t all of us also been corrupt on some or the other account, pertaining to above issues? For centuries, essence of India has been in its people, respect for all, diversity, coexistence, learning, humility and innovation. That is where all of us should move towards and instead not wait for a few men to ‘stop being corrupt’ and then start functioning in a clean manner ourselves."

---Veenu Jaichand, CEO, Navkaar Skills

"The Republic Day brings an overwhelming feeling of honor of being a citizen of the biggest democratic nation and utmost respect to the constitution of India. Constitution, apart from many things, is to ensure freedom and dignity of an individual. This Republic Day is symbolic in many sense, as the very tumultuous last year ended with deep sense of shame; we still are not able to treat one half of our population with respect and equality."

"I would like to utilise this Day to work towards an India which is a land of equal opportunity for all, no gender inequality and security for all the women folk. I know that there are a lot of other issues as well, but I would like to dedicate this year to the women who have shaped our lives, who have helped us become who we are and try to get them what is rightfully theirs."

"I look forward to a India which is least corrupt and embodies equality and freedom for every citizen of the country."

---Arun Dhaka, Country Sales Director, Cornerstone OnDemand

"I consider the Republic Day as a great symbol of years of struggle that we did, to gift ourselves the right to govern ourselves. It is an occasion to sit and reflect on what our forefathers went through to provide us freedom to lead our lives the way we want and write our own destiny."

"My wishlist for India:

-India remains a secular country at heart.
-Opportunities for all (so that some citizen do not become "more equal than others").
-Capitalism is practiced but with a tempered legislation, where power does not puts you in a more advantageous position than a 'have not'."

---Tyeb Pervaiz, Delivery Manager, NIIT Limited

"India might seem to have different cultures, languages, religions, climates and the divergent way of life due to various geographical terrains we have, yet one thing strongly binds us together is that we love to be what we are as ‘The Indian’, and our 'Constitution of India' gives us freedom to express ourselves and  live our lives as we wish. This is the democratic way of governance in true sense."

"As an Indian citizen, we have certain 'rights' and 'duties'. It is good that most of us are aware of our 'rights', but we should not forget our 'duties' towards our family, society and the nation. I think if we perform and discharge our duties diligently, in whatever sphere of life we might be, then only we can claim our rights with conviction."

"For me 'Republic Day' is the day to remember those unsung martyrs, who were selfless in laying down their lives for the sake of freedom of our country. This day reminds me to do some soul-searching - whether I’m successful in discharging my duties towards my country, society and the family."

"India is a great country by any calculation. We have snow laden mountains in Himalayas, but we have deserts in parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. We have beautiful sea beaches and deep dense forests, rich in minerals. The country has sizeable population which uses its own regional language, celebrate its own cultural festival and follow a religion of its choice. However, if there is some issue of national interest, then we forget all our differences and stand united as 'The Indian'. That’s why Indian democracy is considered to be the true example of 'unity in diversity'."

"The country has a bright future with young Indians coming of age and taking interest in social, economic and the political changes, currently taking place in the Indian society."

"Indian history of rich culture and heritage, teaches us to be tolerant and accommodative on one hand and be assertive and expressive of your thoughts and ideas on the other hand. If given a chance, most of the Indians would like to be fair to their fellow beings."

"Lots of churning (manthan) is taking place in various aspects of Indian society, and the emerging India will be the 'Young India' which will show rest of the world, how to live in harmony while accommodating divergent walks of lives."

---Pramod Vashist, VP - Corporate HR, Sunstar Overseas Ltd

"Republic Day symbolises the fulfillment of a dream of every martyr who fought for India and its independence status. Independence Day is a celebration, but 26th January gave a new meaning to this celebration, as if a spirit is put into a lifeless body. India's constitution came in to force, declaring India a republic and paving way for a journey of growth, development and prosperity."

"All my efforts and ideas aim for sustaining the progressive period India is going through. I want the quota status to be removed. I think these quotas create hindrance in the country's growth. Let each women stand equally with their male counterparts. Involve the common man in every decision making process, so that at the end of the day no one specific gets the blame and each one of us acts responsibly. Being westernised and liberal in your thoughts are very different things, extremities are always dangerous. Be educated about your rights and live respectfully."

---Sumbul Khan, Assistant Editor, Agriculture Today

"As a kid, looking at a Republic Day celebration on 26th January at India Gate with marching soldiers,  war tanks, and rocket launcher, used to give me a sense of security against enemies from outside. However, as I grew up, I realised that the bigger enemy is inside. As a nation, our biggest enemy is poverty, lack of respect for individual, lack of respect for rules of the country. I feel that as a nation, real celebration would be on the day we overpower our inner enemies."

"Republic Day also meant the day our constitution came in force. I used to feel great pride to have a constitution that allows 'right to speech', 'right to expression', 'right of equality', etc. As I grew up, I realised that you have to fight to get these. These are not automatically given to you. You have to fight for these during your eduction, in the family,  while interacting with various government departments. As a citizen only about 10 per cent of the people get it automatically. As a nation, real celebration would be the day we remove these rights from our constitution, as these would become integral part of our society."

"Looking forward to celebrate 2020 Republic Day with my dreams coming true!"

---Gurprit Singh, Director, Umbrella Infocare


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