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Dec 07th 2021
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Home Business News "Outsourcing will help provide enough time to provide value added HR services to the organisation within"

"Outsourcing will help provide enough time to provide value added HR services to the organisation within"

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logo of BMRIndustry expert, Mandeep Singh, speaks to The Other News on HR practices in the financial sector.


TON caught up with Mandeep Singh, Director - Human Resources, BMR Advisors, to know more on the positives happening on the Human Development front and how BMR is contributing to the same.


picture of mandeep singh

Which is the single biggest challenge for HR in the financial and legal domain in general and BMR in particular?

In an industry like ours which is knowledge driven, the biggest challenge is to keep the resources actively engaged and intellectually stimulated. Not only is this a key aspect that candidates look at when making career choices, this also forms an important part of satisfaction index for employees. At BMR, the constant endeavour is to run programmes and have processes to ensure that the intellect is always challenged, thus our Tag line “Challenge Us”.

What advise you would give to a fresher so as to motivate them to join BMR?

In the initial years of professional life, key aspects required to build a strong foundation are: exposure to different kind of work, a mentor who can provide you with intellectual guidance and an organisational environment which nurtures a learning environment. BMR provides all three for a successful career.

How do you retain talent at BMR?

Like any industry or sector, there is no perfect recipe for retention. Our approach has been more focused on adding value to an employee’s capabilities. We provide an average of 40 hours of training per employee in a year, coupled with top of the line work. The exposure and the opportunities provided to employees for bettering their career goals is a key ingredient of our retention strategy. Needless to add it is paying dividends!

Do you feel HR outsourcing helps in your domain?

Yes, like a lot of transactional HR stuff can be outsourced. This will provide enough time to provide value added HR services to the organisation within. The needs of business leaders are changing and their expectation is not merely to run and manage transactions, but they expect HR to really add value to run the business as a profitable centre. Hence to achieve the role of a trusted business advisors, HR has to outsource.

How much influence do you see technology makes in HR practices in the coming future?

Technology adds speed to business and it adds ease. Therefore it is essential that HR processes and concepts are also aligned to the environment. Hence speed and ease of use is essential for both the end users, which is the employee and the business head.

Please throw some light on the work done by BMR Foundation?

The intention of BMR foundation is to contribute to the society in whatever way we can. Over the years, we have been involved in simple activities like donating for Children’s SOS villages, to helping a village build a primary school by not only contributing funds but by actually being the physical labour involved in the activity. While there is no officially set target, on an average every employee spends atleast 20 hours of CSR activities


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