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Nov 30th 2021
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Cycling to avoid traffic blues

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Cycle for changeThe fact that enhanced road infrastructure has failed to solve the traffic problem in Delhi and around means that we have to look at alternate transport forms.

Gurgaon. Almost 66 new flyovers have been built in Delhi but the traffic situation remains bad and is actually getting worse by the day. A major reason is the continues increase in the number of vehicles on the road as the buying capacity of people in India increase. So the solution has to be beyond the regular construction in this area.

NASSCOM’s NMT cell (Non - Motorized Transport cell) has offered a solution. The traffic woes along with environmental hazard has led to the the campaign “Active Commuting” spearheaded by the IT company, Nagarro Software, of Gurgaon.

The campaign to promote and popularise forms of non-motorised transportation started with Nagarro's 60 odd employees cycling on the morning of 10th August to raise awareness in people around. The usage of such forms of transportation can lead to less traffic, a cut in air pollution and would also help develop a better infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians in the city.

Major agenda of this campaign is demand for shuttle buses to metro, availability of more and frequent buses, a better improved bus tracks that can allow free movement, better and dedicated lanes for pedestrians and cyclists.


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