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Dec 02nd 2021
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The Politics of AAP

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Aam Aadmi PartyAam Aadmi Party is certainly a viable alternative as long as they stick to the basics.


For somebody who grew up in Lucknow, the world 'aap' itself is a sign of respect. As a new entrant to the world of Indian politics, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) tries something synonymous to its abbreviated name, which is respecting the will of the people who vote. And that for me summarises the politics of AAP.

Those who have started to question Arvind Kejriwal so soon over his populist agenda surprise me. We gave numerous chances to the old politicians and parties but are impatient with somebody who has just come to power. If a party has come to power on hope why not be hopeful for its performance also.

As for the Arvind the man, he has spent enough time in the public service arena. Many seems to have conveniently forgotten his role in the campaign for the Right to Information Act and the Jan Lokpal Bill.

AAP may be new to the world of Indian politics but is no novice. The party's manifesto for the Delhi elections is populist yet has the potential to unlock many associated evil practices. Jan Lokpal was bound to happen with the relentless pressure put by Anna Hazare and his team on all political parties. The concept of Swaraj is nothing new but never fully implemented by those in power for years. Electricity and Water promises will expose among other things, corruption of common people. I've personally seen so many households using electricity without meters and bore-in pumps without permission. They are as accountable as the distribution companies are. Sanitation and waste management is a necessity for any civilised society. It goes the same for other areas mentioned like women's security, health and education.

Their incredible performance shows the public support and that the momentum is going for them. So much that from earlier rejecting them as no starters, the traditional parties have been checkmated at the game they seem to know better. It's no mean feat when the leader of the opposition, Arun Jaitely, talks about 'introspection' and that 'credibility matters'. This coming from the single biggest party in Delhi in the recently concluded state elections. But, still many in the world of Indian politics are either in a mode of self-denial or completely disconnected with the will of the people they represent.

While most major parties are driven by political dynasties and big names, AAP brings common people to the fore. This is where both its strength, to combat corruption, and weakness, against powerful and influential opponents, lies. AAP is certainly a viable alternative as long as they do their work as promised, and get out of this 'holier than thou' attitude. The frustrations of the people of UP could very well be another opportunity for AAP to prove its national credentials.

The heavyweights have been trying to discredit them by labelling them as the 'B-team' of Congress or as another seasonal political phenomenon. Make no mistake, the efforts to malign them would continue in the form of more sting operations and exposé. Combine this with tremendous public scrutiny and you have a difficult path which lies ahead for the AAP party.

If the fate of the JP movement and VP Singh is any indicator, history is certainly not on AAP's side. Only time will tell if they rise up to the task and create a new history. In any case they've already changed the rules of the game!


---Inam Abidi Amrohvi, Editor, The Other News


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