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Aug 08th 2022
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Home Technology News A model for digital India

A model for digital India

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Cisco smart city conceptCisco demonstrates how citizens can live, work, play and learn in a Digital India.


Bangalore. In line with its commitment to collaborate with the government in its vision of a Digital India, Cisco today announced the ‘Cisco Smart City’ as a blueprint for the future of smart and connected communities in India. The Cisco Smart City, unveiled along with the announcement of the next phase of the company’s India site, symbolises what the digitisation of a country means for the future of work, education, healthcare and the electronic delivery of citizen services.

As part of the inauguration, Cisco demonstrated the possibilities of the government’s Digital India program where infrastructure would be offered as a utility to every citizen, governance and services would be on demand and citizens would be digitally empowered. Using the Internet of Everything, Cisco showcased how connected education, connected healthcare, smart buildings, connected transport and smart parking can transform the way cities and communities are designed, built and renewed to ensure economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Spread over 2.6 million square feet, and designed as a campus-as-a-city for thousands of Cisco employees to work, play and learn, the Cisco Smart City showcases how a pervasive physical network infrastructure can easily connect to devices (such as sensors, information access points and mobile devices) and with a high degree of security. The Cisco Smart City also demonstrated how intelligent networks could enable digitally empowered citizens through the availability of government services in real time, online and on mobile platforms.

On this occasion, Wim Elfrink, Cisco Executive Vice President for Industry Solutions and Chief Globalisation Officer, said, “Cities are growing at the rate of 10,000 people per hour even as we accelerate toward a world with more connected devices. For every two people connected around the globe, there are 5 others who soon will be. And for every device connected to the Internet, 10 more will join it in the near future. Through the Internet of Everything, we can help countries, cities and communities embrace sustainable urban development and enable economic, social and environmental sustainability. We believe that the Cisco Smart City in Bangalore can be a model for smart cities not just in India but around the world. For government leaders thinking about the delivery of citizen services or for companies thinking about how to be ready for the future of work, the Cisco Smart City presents a blueprint on how to be relevant.”

Dinesh Malkani, President, India and SAARC, said, “The Cisco Smart City and the announcement of the next phase of our expansion of the Cisco India site underline our commitment to deepening our presence in India and helping transform the way citizens in a Digital India will live, work, play and learn.”


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