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Aug 08th 2022
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Home Technology News A technology roundup

A technology roundup

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A look at what made headlines in the technology world recently.


Innovation drives the world of technology. Consumer behaviour on the other hand is driven by a combination of innovation, price and horde mentality. As Apple realised in 2013, survival eventually depends on mass acceptability. The company was forced to move out of its comfort zone. That saw the launch of its own low cost model iPhone 5c.

Something similar seems to be happening with Samsung. The Galaxy S5 might be one of its most advanced offering but is reportedly not selling well. Based on a recent report by The Wall Street Journal, Samsung sold only 12 million units of the model during the first three months of its launch compared to 16 million Galaxy S4 units for the same period. The technology giant also reported a 74 per cent drop in its mobile business profits during the September period. With all the low cost smartphone models hitting shelves, this was always on the cards.

Sooner than later, both Apple and Samsung need to do a rethink on their business strategies. There's nothing fundamentally special about Apple's recent offerings and Samsung is cramping up its phones with loads of rarely used software. The technology industry is quite unpredictable, big fish Compaq was devoured by a seemingly small HP and the mighty Nokia went into the arms of Microsoft.

As for the end users they have their own worries in the form of malicious programs compromising data and security. A new malware 'Regin' was recently discovered by security researchers. It spied on governments and research institutions. Taking the threat to a whole new level, the complexity of the code make experts suspect a country behind it. This is something already spoken about by some countries in the past. Technology is almost certainly be used as a potent tool in future wars. Anti-virus companies must be taking a strange pleasure in all this!

While the tools for online security have been around for decades now, use of technology in the physical world has been on the rise lately. Microsoft is currently employing the services of autonomous robots to patrol its Silicon Valley Campus. This could actually be the next big thing in the security business. The robots are five tall and weigh about 300 pounds each. They have a 360 degrees view, nighttime and daytime recording facility, thermal imaging, gesture recognition, could run 300 licence plates a minute, have built-in GPS for location detection, WMD threat detection capability for airports and seaports, and can charge on their own. Sounds like the film Robocop but didn't they show a flip phone, a precursor to the future of mobile communications, in the immensely popular Star Trek TV series of the 60s.

The power of human imagination rarely fails to impress!


—Editor, The Other News


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