Couples learn to face economy together

Wednesday, 22 February 2012 00:00 administrator

Money certainly can't buy you happiness, but that doesn't mean that suffering finances can't put strain on a relationship.


Money doesn't make marriages end in divorce - in fact, financial problems might lead to as little as 5 percent of divorces in the U.S. But when money's tight, couples feel greater strain, which can lead to more disagreements.

Couples facing money problems can gain strength from each other. Here are some tips for couples looking to support each other through tough times:

- Take time to discover each other's real needs. One spouse might feel alienated, not because there's less cash, but because less cash means fewer restaurant and movie nights. But couples can enjoy quality time together no matter their finances.

Free activities, like community movie screenings or museum trips, can provide fun without breaking the bank. Instead of going out to eat, couples can cook meals at home and follow dinner with a romance-inducing beverage, like Magic Power Coffee (, which combines high-quality arabica coffee beans with healthy herbs. Gingseng, goji berries, epimedium herb and vitamins help increase energy, mood elevation and euphoria - never a bad thing when pursuing quality time as a couple.

- Take a cue from your kindergarten teacher - use your words and your indoor voice when discussing difficult subjects. Talk about how you feel without putting blame on your partner's actions. If you can't discuss a certain subject without becoming angry, at least attempt to write down your thoughts.

- Come up with a plan together. If one partner handles all of the finances, the other person might not realize how tight things are, or when money will be entering or leaving a joint account. Sit down together to determine a spending and saving plan. If you are in debt, consider going to a financial counselor who can help you consolidate loans and develop a sound financial strategy.


(Source: newsUSA)