It's a century for Europe's highest railway station

Thursday, 02 August 2012 18:30 administrator

Europe's highest altitude railways celebrates 100 years of existence.


Switzerland. One hundred years ago, Italian construction workers set off a huge charge of dynamite and succeeded in breaking through to the Jungfraujoch. Europe's highest-altitude railway station was officially opened on 1 August 1912.

Exactly 100 years later, the Jungfrau Railway celebrated its centenary with a grand firework display. Forty-eight flares burned for five minutes on the north walls of the Eiger and Mönch mountains to illustrate the route taken by the Jungfrau Railway. Visitors to the centenary celebrations followed the spectacle from beneath the Eiger North Wall.

The Jungfrau Railway and the Jungfraujoch have developed into a tourist attraction. Today, some 750,000 people visit Europe's highest-altitude railway station every year of whom more than 60 per cent come from Asia.

In March 2012, a 250-metre-long experience round tour was opened, illustrating in artistic fashion the history of the Jungfrau Railway and the development of tourism in Switzerland.