The first ever temperature controlled seat cover

Sunday, 26 February 2017 07:07 administrator


ThermaCool ComfortThe product helps reduce fatigue and improves efficiency.

ThermaCool Comfort is a novel product by Dhama Innovations Pvt. Ltd. for human back cooling or heating in an automobile. This seat climate control system cools and thus provides instant comfort in hot summer or heats the human back in cold conditions as per user requirement. It can be used as plug and play on any vehicle seat or office chair with 12V DC input power supply.

The seat temperature can be controlled between 150 to 500C. The seat has been ergonomically designed factoring in the posture while driving. As this seat works on the vehicle battery, it has negligible impact on the mileage. Temperature control is extremely critical to delay / reduce driver fatigue and improve efficiency. A truck driver on an average travels 300 km a day. Even 1 per cent improvement in performance means, 1000 km of annual improvement or Rs 45000 of more business potential.