House tax on SMS for Lucknowites

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 18:30 administrator

The house owners in Lucknow can now get information related to house tax over the SMS.


The Lucknow Municipal Corporation is now utilising the power of technology for the benefit of its customers. House owners can now get to know their house tax details on SMS.

The Municipal commissioner NP Singh informed that to know their house tax customers can send an SMS with the text LMCHTAX <House-ID> to 9235512608. They will get the oustanding tax on their house via a return SMS.

The House-ID can be obtained from the old bills or payment receipts. It's a computer generated code made up of nine digits. So, for example, if your code is 101500876, then type in LMCHTAX 101500876 and send to 9235512608.

The payments made usually take a little time before being updated in the system. So the SMS sometimes would show an outsanding amount even when the payment is done.