A technology that promises to cut your energy bills by 60 per cent

Saturday, 21 July 2012 20:06 administrator

Sweden based Mimer Energy focuses on India with a technology to provide clean and renewable energy.



Planet earth is getting crowded and polluted. The depleting ozone layer is creating an anti revolution in its climate mechanism. Global warming is effecting regional changes; summers get hotter while winters become colder.

Sweden based Mimer Energy Limited has an interesting technology to provide clean and renewable energy. It does so by tapping the huge renewable source hidden in the earth’s crust, engineering innovative ways of reversing the temperature variations to ambient from the ground below and with the help of heat pumps, provide space heating and cooling, generate domestic hot water and even create pure drinking water in hot and humid climates, without penetrating into the ground aquifers. All of it comes within one frame of design, using only water as medium of exchange in the heat pumps, with no evaporation losses, while addressing the world’s ‘caution of concern’ by providing Clean and renewable, energy efficient technology.     

The technology claims to provide up to 60 per cent saving in energy bills, and can be applied to any type of building, commercial establishment or industry.  

The company is now focusing on India, a region facing scarcity in power and water.

Georg Svensson, Chairman & CEO, Mimer Energy Limited, highlights the business advantage, “Look at the price for conventional central heating and cooling systems, even after giving an inflation of 7 per cent annually, our offer makes a GSHP solution viable and profitable to the Industry, dominated by heating and cooling loads.”

Chandra Sekhar, CEO India, Mimer Energy Limited assures (that by adopting this technology in India), "We would respect the guidelines of Clean Development Mechanism and comply with global warming, save water, electricity and create an eco friendly environment."

Zartab Haider Jafri, Director - Business Development, India, Mimer Energy Limited, explains the problem with traditional cooling, “When we invest a fixed amount towards air conditioning, we pay more electricity bills, because as temperature rises efficiency of the equipment’s performance decreases, mounting to nearly 80 per cent in maintenance costs per year to that of the equipments cost.”

The Geo Exchange technology promoted by Mimer relies primarily on the earth's natural thermal energy, a renewable resource, to heat or cool a house or multi-family dwelling. Geothermal heating and cooling is cost effective, it uses energy so efficiently providing a saving of up to 50 per cent in energy consumption.

The technology is endorsed by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Energy, US, as well as state agencies like the California Energy Commission.