Study to help shape better HR practices

Friday, 01 March 2013 11:37 administrator

Logo NHRD NetworkThe latest round of a Global HR competencies study prominently showcases Indian HR Practices.


As a supporter of research and best practices in the HR domain, the National HRD Network helped in the publication of Global HR Competencies: Mastering Competitive Value from the Outside in, an HR competency study conducted by Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, and RBL Group.

The study has been conducted every five years for the last 25 years. Over the years of this research, over 60,000 HR professionals and line executives have participated. In the most recent round alone, over 20,000 people were involved. Because of the support from the National HRD Network in 2012, the largest number of participants from india ever was involved. This resulted in statistically reliable conclusions concerning the HR competencies and practices in India that have greatest impact on personal effectiveness and business results.

Leading HR professionals from each global region have contributed chapters that examine issues for their respective regions. The book provides detailed best practice examples of how and why HR individuals and departments add substantial value to business results throughout the world. It also examine the commonalities of best HR practices across the world.