Panasonic India rolls out lights for people with limited access to electricity

Thursday, 27 November 2014 13:24 administrator

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New Delhi. As a continuation to the 100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project - an initiative to donate a total of 100,000 solar LED lanterns, Panasonic India today introduced its range of Solar LED lights with the objective to help resolve lighting issues in non-electrified regions. The solar LED light, fully rechargeable in 5 hours, and emitting light Uni-directionally (120 degrees) is convenient and practical as a light source as well as a power source in areas without electricity.

A large population in India living in non-electrified regions is still using kerosene lamps for lighting purposes. However, kerosene lamps not only fail to provide sufficient light but also emit toxic fumes and pose a fire risk. Addressing to this need, Panasonic’s solar LED Light with a 1.25-watt output solar panel and a mobile charging port offers a clean and safe alternative as a light source, as well as a power source for people living in such areas. The portable light can be used in homes and various other locations including hospitals, schools, shops and outdoors. The light can be fully charged in five hours to provide up to six hours of light at the maximum brightness setting.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Manish Sharma, Managing Director, Panasonic India, said, “India being a tropical country is endowed with abundant solar energy and has a very high potential for maximising eco-friendly energy which is fast becoming popular in rural and remote areas. We at Panasonic believe that these LED solar lights will play a huge role in minimising the dependence of rural households on fire wood and dung cakes, which in turn will contribute to environmental conservation.”