Zindagi na milegi dobara

Thursday, 21 July 2011 00:00 Inam Abidi Amrohvi

ZNDB gives you a simple yet meaningful message of living life to the full. The movie offers an alternate perspective to the fast paced materialistic lifestyle of today.

This entire Akhtar clan is a talent powerhouse. Following in the footsteps of their illustrious parents, the brother-sister duo of Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar quickly carved a niche for themselves. Farhan matched his National Award winning film Dil Chahta Hai with the critically acclaimed (and my favourite Hrithik movie) Lakshya. Sister Zoya made an impressive directorial debut with Luck By Chance and then leapfrogs with her latest Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

Zoya likes her brother, who's also one of the producers of ZNMD, understands the technical side of movie making well. This gives their movies an added appeal.

Cinematography by Carlos Catalan would take your breath away like the way the locations did to the three protagonists in the movie.

Editing, like all Akhtars' movies, helps maintain the rhythm and continuity of the plot. Anand Subaya keeps the tradition alive.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy background score soothes you and seems tailor made for the beautiful locales. Three Indian heroes singing together in their original voices should be a first. Even if they were tricked into it, they did a decent job.

Arjun (Hrithik Roshan), Imraan (Farhan Akhtar), and Kabir (Abhay Deol) look familiar young faces. They embark on a trip which leads to individual self-discoveries. It reminds you of Dil Chahta Hai but that's where the similarity ends. It's a much more mature story told with youthful zest. The three characters would surely charm their way to your hearts.

I like the way Farhan recites lines penned by his dad in the background. The climax is innovative for a change and pretty impressive too. Don't leave the theatre as the credit starts rolling, "Picture thodi rahti hai mere dost!"

Hrithik is probably the most complete star that India has ever produced. He dances like a dream, acts like a veteran, walks like a star, and looks every inch a hulk. You cast him in any role and he would bring a rare intensity to that role - ZNMD is no exception. Farhan seems to know everything. He directs, acts, sings and now writes. The entertaining dialogues of ZNMD are written by him. Farhan exudes confidence in his every act. As for Abhay, this has to be his biggest film till date. He's an accomplished actor but seems slightly marginalised by his more famous co-stars. Katrina Kaif is at ease playing the character of a diving instructor. The role suits her image and she has matched her performance with the one in New York. Kalki Koechlin as the love interest of Kabir is convincing.

ZNDB gives you a simple yet meaningful message of living life to the full. We seem to be obsessed with our electronic gadgets and social networks. What happened to the good old days of hanging out with friends! Our days now start with email and ends up with facebook. The movie not only questions this life but offers an alternate perspective. And in what resounding way!

ZNMD would surely bring Zoya Akhtar to the big league. She has raised the bar for all her future offerings. Good luck to her!


---Inam Abidi Amrohvi, Editor, The Other News