Housefull 2 – koi toh rok lo

Sunday, 08 April 2012 10:47 Sharad Vatss

Housefull 2 is another nonsense comedy from Sajid Khan.


Known for taking a dig at actors and filmmakers, director Sajid Khan has now aimed critics with his recent remark, “Critics never rate blockbusters well. Last year, four films crossed the Rs 100 crore mark (Ready, Bodyguard, Ra.One and Singham). The critics ran them down, even though they did good business." He added, "Hindi films are not made for critics, they are made for Hindi film audiences worldwide." Now link this statement to his so called dispute with Ashutosh Gowarikar during Screen Awards 2008, where he said, “I make films only for audiences and 'kisi ke baap mein dum nahin hai jo mujhe rok sake' " (Watch here )

And so I guess he won't care for my review anyway. But does that matter?

Over to the film then. It's not right if we think that the makers of Housefull 2 are unintelligent. There's no way someone can make something like this and not be aware of it. On the contrary, it needs a high level of intelligence to write and make a film so profoundly senseless. And going by the audience reaction, it looks like they have done their homework right on what the 'first day first show' audience enjoy.

The film does generate a few laughs but it all becomes too repetitive. That's the problem with films like this - they don't know where to stop, neither with the jokes nor the film itself.

The film is just the second star-packed installment of the Housefull franchise. The story (???) is about four fathers, four daughters and four prospective sons-in-law and as the second half of the tile suggests, they are the dirty dozen. Each father wants his daughter to marry the richest guy. Each daughter thinks she is marrying the richest guy. Each guy is pretending to be the richest one. Each character is flawed, unscrupulous and extremely entertaining. However, none of these people can stand each other and all of them are under one roof, in one house as the first half of the title suggests - housefull. It's all chaos, and so you need not worry about the story.

The first half is still better then the second one. The ‘comic’ scenes try to outdo each other. For instance there’s one sequence with a crocodile chasing and biting the back of Akshay, and a Python almost swallowing the pelvis of Ritesh. Just see their expressions and you feel the same for the story writers. My favorite is Mithun Da dancing around a tree with an ugly dwarf maid, I felt sorry for my own self.

There are other similar scenes. In one, Akshay lands with the parachute right on top of his would be mother-in-law and claims this to be a ‘soft landing' while the woman smiles sheepishly. The island sequence, the step brothers' fights ( Rishi and Randheer kapoor), John Abraham’s stealing, the cacophonic fight of the step sisters (Asin and Jacquelin), and the Jai Bhadra Kaali concept. These and many more award winning sequences makes it a comedy of comedies. You will die laughing at your own self for deciding to watch this film.

It’s high time, we make it mandatory for writers to spend a year just on the climax. The tomfoolery of the last 30 minutes makes you feel like banging your head against the nearest wall.

The veterans have ovearacted. Randheer Kapoor is still carrying the hangover of his ‘Ponga Pandit’ act. Rishi kapoor surprises you with this bad effort after a brilliant avatar in Agneepath 2. Boman Irani has given probably the most boring performance of his career. Mithun Da is still in his ‘Kya baat, kya baat' mode, still better than the other three

Among the women, Asin gets a teeny-weeny bit to display her ability to make people laugh. While Riteish Deshmukh and Shreyas Talpade have as banal and inconsequential roles as the rest of the women, at least they are not insulted for their gender. Please appreciate the amount of control I've maintained in not going all out on how ridiculously stupid all the women in the film come across. The make-up department is partly to be blamed. Asin and Jacquelin are in their most ugly avatar. Shahzahn Padamsee's new look is distracting. As far as screen beauty is concern, Zareen Khan looks the hottest followed by Shazahn. However, none of them has to do anything with acting. It is surprising how Sajid has even sidelined producer Sajid Nadiadwala’s beau Jacquelin. Malaika Arora's item number was no good other than how the boys made it funny. She had one small role to play and proved that she can’t act for the life of it.

As for the lead males, Akshay was the only reason for me to sit through this pain. Ritesh and Shreyas are good at comedy and sail through the characters. The film proves a big failure for John as a comic actor. He acts even worse then Garam Masala and Desi Boyz. The enormous effort to make faces (comedy in this very film) shows.

Chunky Pandey is simply superb. Johny Levers' comedy is flawless. Ranjeet shines in a cameo. Akshay plays his son in the movie and keeps on mimicking Ranjeet’s famous style. This part is really rib tickling and Akshay does it good. Vindu Dara Singh gives no reason for his presence in the film

Overall the movie makes you cringe with embarrassment and disgust for what passes off as 'entertainment' and 'cinema' these days. Housefull 2 hurts your senses. It fails to salvage the harm caused by the bland, boring and banal second half.

Sajid, if at all wants to have lots of characters create confusion in the latter part of the movie, he should watch DVDs of some good hindi films (Bhagam Bhag , No entry, etc) instead of copying from English movies.

Sajid challenges repeatedly, “Kisi ke baap mein dum nahin hai jo mujhe rok sake." And so there is fear of more coming in the future. The only thing I can pray for is a dialogue from a film of the same Genre – Ready, "Koi toh rok lo jee."

If you are a moviegoer who derives pleasure from loud comedies (the Readys , Bodygaurds, Ra.Ones, Agent Vinods and their like) and over-the-top humor that defies logic , I am sure, you will relish this wacky slapstick. Let it pass if Kahaani or Pan Singh Tomar is your kind of cinema.

(Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5 for me.)


---Sharad Vatss is a movie buff who works for Pepsi.